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Cold Season

Is it me or is almost everyone you come in contact with sick. Miami in particular has had a very interesting end of Winter beginning of Spring. Walking out with a short sleeve and walking back in with a sweater and beanie. 

Lucky for us there are products in the market that allow us to care for our little ones a bit easier and products that help us to comfort our little ones as well. 

Below are a few links that have been helpful for me and soothing for my baby. Any grandma recipes on making your little feel better? Feel free to comment below!


FeverFrida Thermonitor



Fridababy NoseFrida



Bashful Beige Bunny Medium



Aden + Anais Dreamer Classic Swaddles


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  • Petra Forsling on

    Hi! Tried to find an email adress to your store but couldn’t find anyone? I was wondering if its possible to order a little belle night lamp from you even though I am from sweden? A pink one with gold dots. Hope you can help me! Thanks!

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