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Perfectly Imperfect

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Perfectly Imperfect.. As the new year is upon us and our goals & resolutions always include to lose weight & get in shape. Let's not forgot how unbelievable our bodies are as mommas. We are able to hold, carry & birth life. That's a pretty big deal, so ladies as you look as your body and pinch your cellulite and see your stretch marks it may not look perfect to you, but it was perfect to carry your child. So let's not be too hard on ourselves. Let's learn to embrace every moment, I know as a mom we can be pretty hard on ourselves, but in 2016 lets learn to let that go. I don't mean lets neglect ourselves in any which way all I'm saying is take things in stride. How amazing is it to look at ourselves (even under fitting room lighting :0) and say hey this body.. This body made a baby, what a precious gift that is within it self. So Happy Sunday ladies!! We can squeeze the fat on our bodies, but we can squeeze our babies a lot tighter!! 

Stay tuned as I share my tips and goals in 2016! 


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