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Real Mom, Real Life

Hi everyone!

So 2017 sounds so promising, I've made some goals that I'm looking to keep! And no its not health and fitness. Its going back to basics being a real mom with a real life . What does that even mean you may ask, funny. Well this year I'm going to look forward to being present in the present. Understanding that yes sometimes my life is a bit hectic and balancing all the "things" we do on a daily may be exhausting, but hey I'm a real mom and this is my real life. 

Comparing yourself to pinterest, even though beautiful for many of us is not reality. We will more then likely walk into a kitchen with dirty dishes and stay up late picking up calico critter pieces, but hey we are real moms with real lives. Learn to put things into perspective too, we may be exhausted, but we are blessed to have the best title in the world!!

So moms put on some socks, (because stepping on legos barefoot HURTS) and grab your cup of tea because its an awesome life we live!



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