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Owlet Care Monitor

$ 249.99

Owlet is designed to sound an alert if your child’s heart rate dips too low, rises too high, or if their oxygen level drops below a preset threshold. It empowers you with the same technology hospitals use, pulse oximetry. There’s a reason hospitals use pulse oximetry in place of other monitoring options. It’s safe, proven, and accurate. 


You might recognize pulse oximetry as the clip they put on your finger at the hospital. A small light shines through your skin and the amount of blood flow and oxygen levels are estimated based on how much light is transmitted to the sensor. We combined this technology with a cuddly Smart Sock to give you an extra set of eyes on your baby while they’re asleep.


Glancing at a traditional baby monitor doesn’t give you the whole story of your baby’s well being. Other baby monitors require you to be constantly watching or listening in, and they don’t tell you vital information about your little one. Owlet watches your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing.


Owlet isn’t just a necessity for your baby, it’s a necessity for you as a parent because parents need sleep too! You can’t bring your “A-game” to parenting if you’re sleep deprived. Let Owlet be up all night, so you don’t have to be.


Owlet is a cuddly Smart Sock that’s designed to alert parents if their baby stops breathing. You know when you go to the hospital and they put that red clip on your finger? That’s the same technology Owlet uses to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels in infants. Owlet aims to give parents peace of mind and a little extra sleep at night. 

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